Casa Maral,
a unique spirit

Casa Maral is a premium communication’s agency for lifestyle brands

We create a global strategy for lifestyle brands aligned with twenty-first century travelers searching for mindful moments and fresh inspiration.

Casa Maral creates memories, introduces you to people, cultures and a different view of the world.


Casa Maral aims to create special bond with its clients, share its knowledge and guide them in their communication strategy, the management of their image and their public speaking.

 Being a small scale agency enables us to remain close to our clients, to be available and to avoid loss of knowledge.

Casa Maral works passionately to give your brand a meaningful voice in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Based on its expertise in public relations, Casa Maral identifies her clients’specific make up and needs to share their narrative and match it with the relevant media.

Casa Maral creates a strategy adapted to the European French-speaking countries:

the agency aims at giving lifestyle brands a unique and distinctive image. Casa Maral only collaborates with lifestyle and hospitality brands who are sustainable and community-inclusivity.

The team works with the most appropriated upscale and luxury media to deliver her clients’s philosophy : to have a positive and virtuous impact in their field.

Based in Paris and Mauritius, Casa Maral is a closed neighbour to clients from Africa, Middle East and Indian Ocean.